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We’ve put this page together so you can read more about our family.


Here is Isaac's family tree uploaded and hyperlinked. On Isaac’s family tree, you can click on names in blue to read more about that person and/or see photographs. Names in quotations refer to the name the person actually went by in the case of given names that could get you beaten up in school (Christopher Columbus Pierce for example). Names in italics are Hebrew names. Names in parentheses are last names prior to passing through Ellis Island. 

Want to look deeper into the past???? Click here to go out a little further with the Ankrom bloodline and as far as possible with the Comisar bloodline. 

Many of the stories are described as we recall them. Please let us know if we've gotten details wrong. We'd also love to add more photos and news about all of you...and if you are extended family who doesn't yet have a hyperlink, no problem, we'll add a page for you, too!

Wendy's Family

Josh Burton

Craig's Family (no outside links yet)


Wendy's High School Friends

Andrea See's parents were killed in a private plane crash in November 2002. Andrea moved home to Ohio from Seattle to be closer to her brother and family. 

Chad Stickrath married Melanie in August 2001. They just finished medical school and will begin residency in the fall.

Charlie Sommer is working at Kardex in Marietta and bought a house last year.

Cole Ferguson is working in Atlanta, GA.

Neeli Shah is working for Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, OH and recently married her undergrad-flame.

Grisha Krivchenia, rumor has it, is meditating in a monastery in India somewhere. This sounded a little far-fetched, but the source was reliable and considering Grisha...

Trent Elliott got married last year sometime. He and Mrs. Elliott are expecting their first baby very soon.

Will Fischer married Meredith the day before Yom Kippur in 2003. They are both in graduate school at U Mass Amherst. I'm going to get this wrong, I know, but I believe Meredith is doing something related to atmosphere and Will is into Physics.

Craig's High School Friends

Grant Smiley married Andrea on July 3, 2004.  Grant has mentioned to me in not so uncertain terms that the old link I had to his website was one he did in high school/college.  Well I guess that he has a new website that I should link to... all right, here is the new link, but we'll keep the old link up for posterity sake... Mostly because the color coordination of the old site from a younger Grant is classic.  Grant is working at Procter and Gamble and Andrea is a grad student at Univ. of Cincinnati in addition to working full time at the Shriner's burns hospital for children (that sounds like a whole heck of a lot of work). They live in the same condo complex as Grant's grandparents in West Chester, OH and recently bought a boxSter.  BTW, Grant is in a big band....props to him.  Grant and Andrea are another Tom Herbort matchmaker success. As with Wendy and me, Tom was pretty taken with Andrea. To get to know her better, he invited her to a party at his house. At the last minute, he decided to invite his poor friend Grant who never went out anywhere...Tom needs to keep his ladies and his friends apart until he gets a woman of his own.

Matt Davenport married his high school sweetheart Christy in October 2002. They are living in Cincinnati, OH. Last we heard Christy is employed as an HR person for the city. Matt just graduated from Univ. of Cincinnati med school and has begun his general residency there. Next June they will move to Ann Arbor, MI so Matt can begin his radiology residency at U of M. I like to think I played a role in Matt getting this position, since I introduced him to a radiology friend of mine who happens to play tennis with the head of the radiology residency program. However, I know that Matt probably could have managed on his own. 

Tom Herbort quit his job and moved to Florida to become a musician.

Trevor Shibley is now working for Carnival Cruiselines doing lighting. He is not happy that no photo appears here of himself, but he still hasn't sent us one. Hint, hint...


Our College Friends

Many of these are the same as Craig's high school friends. Those listed here are people we met in college.

Jay Palmisano, Craig's co-op boss at ENSR, will begin the PhD program in business at University of Kentucky in the fall. He says it was Craig who convinced him to go back to school.

The ever elusive Jay Palmisano has been spotted and photographed....or has he???? Foiled again batman!!!  

Joe Menkhaus is working for Ellis and Watts in Cincinnati, OH. He owns a house in Mt. Washington and is the proud father of an incredibly naughty chocolate Labrador named Cheyenne. Joe has been sent all around the world to work on nuclear reactor chillers. We hope his Chinese heat transfer professor taught him well considering much of his work has been in China. Joe is still doing photography. He did our wedding as well as Megan and Josh's (see link below). If you are interested, please contact us and we will put you in touch.

Mandy Griffith married Michelle Bosse's brother and is expecting her first baby this fall.

Megan and Josh Develvis had their first baby Simeon David on August 3, 2005. They are both working for Dow Chemical Co. outside of Houston, TX. Their website inspired us to make one. 

Nicole Kulis and Mark finally married and are expecting their first baby this fall.

Steve Scott married following graduation. Not much after that, his baby boy came along. He must be about 2 by now.


Our Graduate School Friends

(Just because you aren't on this list doesn't mean you aren't our friend...We have only included people here who have had recent life changes.)

Clare Dibble married Robert Felty on May 21, 2005. They honeymooned in the Galapagos Islands. Clare is beginning her 4th year in the chemical engineering PhD program at U of M. Rob is a German linguistics grad student.

Clare and Baby Kinsa resting in the basement.

Shawn Hunter defended his thesis a few months ago and moved to Texas to work for Dow. 

Jeff and Sue Henrickson and son Ryan just moved to the D.C. area where Jeff found a job.  Last I heard he hasn't sold his condo in Ann Arbor.  I bet he'd give you a hell of a deal on it.