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In December 2001, Wendy's Grandpa Steele took the entire family on safari in Kenya. Here we all are (except Craig) next to the hippo river. The shadowy figure in the back, right is an armed guard whose job is to keep tourist-death-by-hippo stats down. Craig got scolded for going too close to the hippos (i.e. he was practically in the river). We'll post more photos from the trip when we get time.


In September 2004, we took a trip to Germany to visit Wendy's host family. Susanne and Uwe took us to the Leipziger Zoo. This is a photo from the brand new savannah exhibit. Notice the grass stains on the little giraffe's knees. We hope his mother has stocked up on Clorox 2. Wendy just found the CD of our Germany photos during a recent closet clean-out. Since they are already digital, we'll hopefully get them posted soon.

We had a blast from the past over Memorial Day weekend. We visited our friends and family in Cincinnati and took a trip down memory lane in Clifton.

We visited Wendy's family in Pittsburgh, PA at the end of August. It was not as relaxing a trip as one might hope, beginning with a grueling 2 hours to the Ohio/Michigan border. Read all about it here.



Sukkot 2005

See pictures of our sukkah building.

Chanukah 2005

Read about our first Chanukah with Isaac.

Tu B'Shevat 2006

Read about our first Tu B'Shevat with Isaac, or just find out what the heck Tu B'Shevat is.

Purim 2006

Read about Isaac's first Purim and see him in his kangaroo costume. 

Pesach 2006

Read about Isaac's first Pesach (Passover). We celebrated at the home of Terri Ginsburg--principal of the religious school where Craig and Wendy taught last year.

Thanksgiving 2006

We celebrated an uneventful Thanksgiving in Marietta this year.

Hanukkah 2006

Read about Isaac's second Hanukkah and his Christmas visit to Marietta.

Purim 2007

We dressed as The Wild Things by Maurice Sendak this year for Purim. See the spectacular costumes.

Passover 2007

Isaac discovered the joys of matzoh ball soup and apple kugel at Passover. He also discovered that matzoh isn't as tasty as it looks--and we aren't saying it looks very tasty.