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Throughout the years, we have been affectionately named the "cat people".  While we "only" have 5 cats now, this wasn't always the case for the Comisar household.  Some people still believe we have an obscene amount of cats.  This is understandable because the volume of cats in our house is constantly in flux.   To clear up matters we have placed a historical timeline to shed light on our illustrious feline past. Click on any of the names in blue to see pictures and profiles of our cats.

Kinsa and Sox sharing the super-scratcher. Aren't they supposed to be using it for scratching? Must be the catnip...Wendy has a theory that if aliens took over earth and turned us into pets, they would give us toys full of pot. "This substance is highly attractive to homo sapiens. It appears to have no long-lasting harmful effects." If catnip is as harmless as advertised, why does Orion become so violent and aggressive after sniffing it?

Kinsa, like most skinny creatures, is always cold. If she isn't curled up on the furnace vent, she is curled up with another cat. Here she is mooching off of Orion's copious body heat.

Kinsa loves to sit in baskets.

Balin loves to sit on Craig.

Wendy went into the bathroom recently only to be startled by a mouse scampering from under the towel rack to under the toilet. Craig, the brave husband, was dispatched with a large diaper box to capture the mouse and release him outside. We are pretty certain one of the cats brought him in through the cat door. However, the cats hadn't been out for several days, so we aren't sure where he hid. It is also possible that he had moved into our house for the winter and came out into the bathroom through the piping access panel that is always coming off. While Craig was trying to catch him, the mouse first jumped up on the toilet, then vanished. Craig finally found him hanging from the inlet pipe on the bottom of the toilet tank. Eventually, the mouse made a mad dash into the diaper box (above), a move that ultimately saved his life.