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Our Love Story

We met in 1998 at the University of Cincinnati. We were in the same calculus class fall quarter of our freshman year, but never spoke. Winter quarter, Wendy decided to take Dr. Chalkley's section instead of Dr. Chung's. If she had taken Dr. Chung's class like Craig did, we would have never met. Instead, in Dr. Chalkley's class she met a goofy guy named Tom Herbort who was quite smitten with her. He thought the best way to get to know her better was to try to hook her up with his friend Craig. The three of them would spend time together, then Tom would take over. It didn't quite work out as Tom planned. 

Craig came home with Wendy for spring break. We fell in love that week on March 26th, 1998, while sitting on top of an Indian burial mound in Mound Cemetery in Marietta, OH. We got married two years later on July 2, 2000. The ceremony and reception were held at Ault Park in Cincinnati, OH (we should mention that Tom also introduced us to Ault Park).    



Moving To Michigan

We graduated with our B.S.s in chemical engineering in June 2002. After the graduation ceremony, we loaded all of our belongings into a 30ft truck...two pick-up trucks...a van...and three cars and moved to our new house in Ypsilanti, MI. 

We are now PhD candidates in chemical engineering at the University of Michigan. We spend our free time together gardening, yard sale-ing, watching art films, biking, reading, and doing an assortment of other activities which are featured on this site. We are members of Temple Beth Emeth in Ann Arbor, MI where we worked at the religious school during this past year. Also last year, we hosted a high school exchange student from Germany. 

And after surviving someone else's teenager for a year...



we are now having a baby of our own!