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Baby Isaac has been replaced by toddler Isaac. Although it took him a while to start walking, Isaac quickly mastered the art. He soon could run, walk backwards, stand up without assistance, and most recently dance in circles.

As soon as he learned to walk, Isaac devoted his energy to communication. He now knows about a dozen words--the diction could use a little work--and has even made one sentence: "Mama, cheese." This, incidentally, is very close to his first signed sentence, "Give me cheese." His words include cat, cheese, tv (yes, he refuses to ride in the car without watching Sesame Street--no tv at home, though), clock, shoe, cereal, book, ball (one of his favorite things), Aba, and Ee-ii-ee-ii-oh. This last word he learned from a farm animal puzzle that plays Old Macdonald. If you ask Isaac what the sheep or the cow says, he replies, "Ee-ii-ee-ii-oh" very proudly. Isaac has also become a very proficient signer with some 30 signs in his vocabulary. Most recently he has added please and thank you when prompted. The most useful sign, "More" has turned into "Give me" and "Again." Isaac uses it to indicate he wants a book read again and again .........and again.

Isaac also likes to help out around the house--emptying the dishwasher (so far one china plate has been a casualty) and making the bed (puts the pillows on the bed). Isaac's favorite activities include throwing balls (while yelling "ball"), tossing the ball in the mini-basketball hoop, and  throwing anything (including balls) down the stairs.  He also likes playing on slides, chasing cats, eating, and reading.


One strange thing about Isaac is that he doesn't like to get messy--unless it involves food like chocolate pudding. His teachers discovered that he will finger paint if they put his hands in plastic bags. He may have gotten most of his personality from Dad, but it looks like he got a dose of OCD from Mom.

Tu B'Shevat time again. Isaac got to try the fruit this year. And Isaac's favorite beverage remains milk. Wendy taught him to sign please after only three attempts by requiring the sign before Isaac was allowed to nurse.

Here we are at Craig's advisor's Christmas party. That is his advisor on the far right.

One of the gifts at the gift exchange were Chinese meditation balls. Isaac immediately confiscated them from the recipient and slobbered all over them. We were permitted to take them home.

Nursing is still the primary comforting activity for distressed Isaac situations.


In mid-January, Wendy's cousin Josh got married in Columbus, OH. The three of us stayed at a hotel with Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom. Isaac decided to do a little climbing on the luggage cart. The day after the wedding we all went to COSI (the huge science center in Columbus).

Isaac enjoyed playing with the toddler exhibits.

The water table was by far his favorite. We knew from experience to bring a change of clothes for him and to stand back. The other children quickly gave Isaac a wide berth...



Isaac cleared the place out. Except for one brave girl who had to put her rain hood on.

Others give Isaac a  wide berth at the water table


Yum, chlorinated water table water.

More water table adventures at the science museum in Ann Arbor

Playing with friends Sam and Maisie at the museum.

Climbing man.

"Whoa, Ima, keep that vacuum away from the toes!"

More climbing with a bit of destruction thrown in.

Writing man.

Aba played guitar at the day-care for the children.  Isaac took the opportunity to claim the guitar by pounding on the strings (his favorite guitar past-time)


Isaac was not so much interested in any other instruments aba was showing, unlike all the other children.

Aba and Isaac walk to the playground. 


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The swing is always a favorite.