Thanksgiving 2006
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Thanksgiving was very uneventful for us this year: Wendy's Mom did not break her ankle, our cat Orion was not shot by a beebee gun, we did not have a new born to take care of, it did not snow 6 inches, Wendy did not make dairy-free mashed potatoes.

We celebrated in Marietta. In a burst of genius on Wednesday evening, Wendy decided that if we left at Isaac's bedtime, he would sleep all the way. Ha. Ha. Ha. Our first stop to deal with Isaac was still inside the MI border (and we only live at mile marker 35). We had to stop subsequently every hour to calm down a hysterical son. We finally arrived in Marietta at 3 a.m. It was nice, though, to wake up Thanksgiving morning and be there already.

One interesting tidbit: we ran into one of the day care teachers in a rest stop on our way there and into Wendy's two cousins who go to college in Grand Rapids on the way home!




Isaac poses for Great-grandpa Ankrom to take his picture, then proceeds to try to climb up the chair to pound Balin.


Isaac at the head of the Thanksgiving table.

Grandma teaches Isaac to play pattacake

Isaac plays a little Magic with Dad and Uncle Troy.

Movie watching.

Bird watching. Isaac uses the same "Caaa" sound for birds and squirrels that he uses when he chases our cats. Could this be his second word?

We went out to DaVinci's for dinner and officially became "those parents who let their kids wander all over the restaurant."