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When Wendy was a little girl, Halloween was a huge event. Months in advance, her Mom asked her what she wanted to go as. Together they picked out fabric at JoAnn's and her Mom managed to find the time to put together a fabulous costume. Carrying on in that tradition, Wendy came up with the insane plan of going as The Wild Things by Maurice Sendak for Purim this year. At the end of January she began the task of constructing our costumes. Craig even got in on the fun. Here is a blow-by-blow of the process.
Wendy thought the first creature Max meets looked the most feminine, so that was the one she chose to go as.

Wendy lashed wire together with masking tape to shape the head.

Then the wire was covered by a layer of masking tape.

Then a layer of paper mache

Then layers of padding, fur, yarn hair, yellow eyes from polymer clay...a feather boa for wings completed the costume.

Isaac wasn't sure what he thought of his ride-on-excavator waiting for him Purim morning.

Craig was initially disinterested, but once he saw how Wendy's wireframe turned out, he suddenly cared which wild thing he was to be. After much consideration, he chose the minitaur from the cover of the book.

And of course, Isaac was Max...King of the Wild Things..."the wildest thing of all."

Our costumes debuted at Isaac's day care's Purim party.

Wendy designed the costumes so our faces could be seen, but even so, the children (not Isaac we note) were scared of Craig. He had to take the head off to show them he wasn't really scary. Well, maybe only a little scary.

Max again.

The Wild Things took turns chasing Max through the sanctuary at our temple's megillah reading. One frightened fireman had to be taken out by his father when Isaac, oblivious, with Craig after him, also oblivious, got too near.

Pirate Rabii....(complete with sword-action)

Sorry to all the kids we scared. But we had mistakenly used our own child as an indicator of how scary we were... not even phased at the prospect of having his head chomped.