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We've been enjoying our second Passover with Isaac this week. It began when Isaac's Bubbe and Zayde made a surprise visit on Saturday evening (March 31). The next day we finished ridding the house of chametz (grains and legumes). Isaac's day care was closed for the holiday beginning Monday, April 2, so we have been enjoying spending time with him.

Isaac's Oma Susanne sent us a care package last week full of chocolates and two very handsome plaid shirts for a very big boy.

Isaac's day care put on a Passover play the week before the holiday. We took off work to watch it. The children dressed as frogs and sang and danced to a song about Pharoah and the plague of frogs. Isaac's class tie-died t-shirts for their costumes. The kids also had froggy head-bands, but Isaac was having none of his.

Isaac did not want to have much to do with his class's seder--the old my parents are here so I'm going to pretend I hate day care trick. Once he discovered gefillte fish and matzoh balls, however, he quickly calmed down.

At every past day care play, Isaac makes himself front and center of the performance though he is not supposed to be in it. Despite this and the fact Isaac loves to dance at home, he decided to play shy at his debute. Ima had to go up with him to get him to dance.

We celebrated seder at our house this year. Our friend Gwynne, and new friends Jill, Dan and their daughter Maddie (3) joined us. Maddie kept Isaac entertained. Wendy decided to try making matzoh ball soup this year--Isaac absolutely inhaled it! Must be those Jewish genes.




Isaac dj'ed the event and Maddie enjoyed dancing to all of the seder songs.



We spent second seder with just the three of us. No matzoh balls tonight, sorry Isaac.
Isaac has developed a penchant for helping around the house. At 16.5 months, he is already more useful than Craig in that department!

Wendy shortened the handle of her spare Pledge grab-it dust mop.

Isaac decided, however, that he could work twice as fast if he used two dust mops. Good thing, because he had just made a very big mess at lunch.

The weather for the holiday was absolutely beautiful.

Orion found a cozy spot in our front garden.

And Isaac took care of lawn mowing. Maybe the new condo board will hire him. The last board fired our regular grounds keeper and hired one of the member's freshly out of jail, lazy as can be, con-artist brother to do yard work. Needless to say, Isaac is bit more reliable.

We had been hearing all day that rain was forecasted and there was a flood watch. We found it pretty hard to believe, then all of a sudden, the skies let loose. After dinner, while we were opening the door to welcome Elijah, Isaac decided he wanted to go back outside. Since it had stopped raining and was still warm, we obliged. Isaac discovered a newly formed river in the drainage ditch next to our parking area. He started by driving his lawn mower through the water, then fell into the deepest part. By then we figured, what the heck. Let the kid have some fun.

Bye-bye new shoes!

The new clothes didn't fare much better.

Isaac discovered that Orion loves to chase sticks. Orion discovered that chasing sticks waved by Isaac is not as safe as sticks waved by Wendy and Craig.

Back inside, bathed and pj'ed, Isaac had time to help a little more around the house. Here he is helping to make the bed. Not shown is Isaac helping to fold laundry. (When Craig went for the camera, Isaac quit folding and went to see what was going on.)



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Here is Isaac playing his favorite game: Brrr. Craig taught him the sign for cold (shivering and saying "brrrr"). During the winter, they would stand at the front door and Craig would lean Isaac against the glass. Isaac would delightedly yell, "brrr". When he got a little older, Isaac one day discovered how to turn on the fan in our bedroom. He loved to run in after a bath and stand wet and naked in front of the cold air yelling "brrr". We finally managed to catch a picture of this game.