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aka: Kinsa Lou, Kinsa Poo Tube, Kinsakin, Kinsl, Kins

We call this "the nugget" pose. The photograph doesn't do her coat justice. She is a cross between a silver tabby and a tortie. The mixture turns out looking like a faded tortie with stripes. Wendy's dad can't remember her name and calls her, "that cat that got washed in water that was too hot."

Born: September 11, 2002

Adopted: Fall 2002


  • cat toys hanging from sticks

  • toy mice

  • scrambled eggs

  • chasing drops that run down our shower door


  • wet food (except for two days last fall when she decided to eat the wet food we put out for everyone at bedtime)

  • car trips

Talents: Catching above mentioned toys. She can catch the toy while it is swinging over 5 feet in the air. She really is no fun to play with. She always wins. Then she takes the entire apparatus and runs away. A while later she comes back and wants to play again, but she never bothers to bring the toy with her.

Adoption Story: If you read the Mama Kitty story, you know how Kinsa came to us. We named her Kinsa after the girl Kinsa. Both of them are independent, smart and spunky. They play well with the Abduls (the three male kittens were named after the Abdul boys), but when the games get too rough, they do their own thing. Kinsa means treasure in some Indian language. Hindi? Urdu? Craig thinks Urdu. Kinsa was not quite as strong as her boy litter mates. When they were first learning to crawl out of their basket, she was the last one. Half way up the side of the basket, she gave out and fell straight over backwards. Poor Kinsa. Now she is the most athletic cat we have. The boys canít keep up with her.

Baby Kinsa taking a study break after helping Craig with his transport homework (Wendy wouldn't help).


Kinsa today helping Craig with our website.