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Isaac has been getting to be such a big boy this fall! Ever since he learned to crawl, he has taken off. He is curious about everything from what is inside Mom's ear to what happens when he pulls on the appendages of the furry things running around his house. He loves mechanical toys: cars, cranks, doors, locks, springs, handles (he has been named the chief toilet flusher of the house), etc.

Isaac never stops from morning until night. He is constantly crawling around and investigating. When he gets tired, he throws himself prostrate on the ground and cries into his folded arms (we'll try to get a picture of it, it looks so tragic). But will he just go to sleep? Never.

Here are some milestones in the past few months:

1) Isaac can drink very well out of a sippy cup, although he primarily enjoys sprinkling water all over himself then crying because he is wet.

2) Tooth 1 (bottom right) came in with many tears on Erev Rosh Hashanah and tooth 2 came in with little fan-fare at some point the next week. Tooth 3 came in on Halloween and tooth 4 a few weeks later.

3) Isaac's first word officially was "Uh-oh" (though if you ask Grandma Ankrom he can also say all sorts of things like banana, mama, quantum physics, etc)--initially he used it for all sorts of things including, "hello", "book is finished", "hey, you took away my bottle", "I just dumped crap all over the floor"--now he primarily uses it for only the second and final definitions.

4) Isaac can clap and wave bye-bye. He has also been known to give a high five (once), play peek-a-boo, and initiate the hippo game. The hippo game involves Mom holding a stuffed hippo in her mouth and shaking her head and growling like a dog with a bone. When she drops the hippo, Isaac squeals and puts it back in her mouth. The hippo game is so much fun that Isaac tries to get anyone to play it with him with objects ranging from pacifiers to large balls.

5) Isaac's coordination became good enough to play with most of his toys including his basketball hoop. The "hoop" actually shoots balls down a ramp so they come out at the bottom of the hoop post. Isaac likes to experiment. Down the shoot have gone: a taxi cab (it got stuck), the letter M (it came out), toy bolts, balls, balls that are about twice the size of the hoop, and a string of pop beads. Up the bottom of the shoot have gone: aleph bet blocks, balls, hands, and Isaac's shoes.

6) Isaac can make several signs: more (means: "more", "I'm tired of waiting for dinner", "I don't like what you served me, try something else"), all done, and milk (means: "milk from breast", "milk from cup", and "Mom"). Isaac also seems to be saying cat to refer to the cats and other small animals.

7) Isaac plays patta-cake (Grandma Ankrom taught  him this). He patta-cakes, rolls it, and sometimes puts it in the oven.

Story Time!

Isaac loves books as much as his Mom! His attention span has gotten much longer recently and he enjoys looking at the books on his own. We send books with him to day care. Recently he surprised his teacher by standing on his tip-toes and getting his books down from the shelf where she keeps them so he could "read" them.

Isaac is very particular about what books he likes. We can guess what he will enjoy, but can never be sure. This pile here are his current favorites. Books he doesn't like get closed and tossed after a page or two.

Dinner Time!


Isaac continues to enjoy food immensely. He eats only finger foods and can feed himself all sorts of things. He has also gotten so good at chewing, that he doesn't need to have things cut up into bite size pieces anymore. Some of his favorites: roasted bell pepper with white fish and cilantro, pasta with any sort of sauce, any cheese, ice cream, chocolate, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cherries, pizza, and bread pudding. Isaac has recently started putting a few pieces of whatever we give him into his cup holder. When he has eaten everything on his tray, he then eats what is in his cup holder.

High Holidays

Isaac's Ankrom grandparents came up for Rosh Hashanah to baby-sit.

Rosh Hashanah dinner. We had a full house with all four grandparents there.


Isaac took a header off our front steps during sukkah construction. After that he was confined to his high chair while in the sukkah.

Bubbe came to visit for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


Here is Isaac with his favorite cabinet made by his great-great grandfather Steele. He has figured out how to unlock the doors and enjoys opening the drawers and hiding things in them.

Isaac likes to go out on the playground when it isn't raining (about a 1/2 day this fall). Climbing up the slide and swinging are his favorite activities.

Dad's guitar makes such fun sounds. It is both a drum and a stringed-instrument when Isaac plays it. The guitar stand is also quite tasty...


Isaac can crawl pretty fast even with things in his hands. He loves to chase balls around the house. He had an accident at day care chasing a ball--he slipped and got rug burn on the nose.

Isaac loves to play in the dishwasher. Sometimes it is a water table, the soap door is fun to close and try to hide things in, the drawers slide in and out, and most recently, it was fun to climb inside!

Isaac with his basketball hoop.



The music table makes an endless assortment of strange noises and the coffee table to Isaac's right is the perfect height for looking at books and knocking books onto the floor.

Isaac loves to climb the stairs (he is only allowed to do this with adult supervision). He can climb pretty efficiently clear to the second floor. More recently he has begun to master going downstairs.


There isn't much TV in the poor kid's life since we don't get any programming on our set. We recently showed him a video that he didn't know what to make of. He spent the entire time trying to kiss things on the screen and going around to the side to look for objects that went off screen.


Isaac also discovered how fun it is to drop things through the second floor banister. This photograph is looking down from our second floor. On the third step is a faint green object dropped by Isaac. Below is a photo from the first floor level of where the green object landed. Isaac is a pretty good shot!

Isaac and Daddy throw blocks down the steps.

Isaac explores the inflatable ball pit we got him for his birthday. Mom is in the pit to raise the level of the balls--we still need to buy a few more.

Bicycle Time!

Isaac loves to pose for the camera. As soon as he sees it, he grins. The camera made him temporarily forget the horrid green thing we'd put on his head!

Isaac survived the first half of the trip and was even happy enough to show-off his clapping skills.

Isaac and Dad go on a practice spin around the parking lot. Our first trip was to try out the new sidewalk near our house that goes all the way to the grocery and video store. Our second trip was on Memorial Day to the bike path in the park.


Isaac chows down on his picnic lunch.



Happy Halloween...

On a walk to the video store one day, a neighbor gave Isaac a pumpkin out of his garden. We waited until Halloween to carve it. Isaac posed with the pumpkin and a smile for about 10 seconds.


Or Not.

Then the pumpkin became Isaac's enemy. Mom had to finish--carving tears and a wide open mouth with two teeth. As it turns out, she should have carved THREE teeth. No wonder the little guy was so sad! He cut his upper right front tooth later that night.

Bath Time!

Isaac prefers to take baths with Dad. When Dad isn't around the inflatable yellow duck has to suffice.

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