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aka: Bitchie, Ennie

(now Endora Ankrom)

Endora sunning herself at Kim's house in Columbus, OH.

Born: ~November 1999

Adopted: Spring 2000


  • girls 

  • effeminate males


  • everyone else

  • other cats who don’t do exactly what she says (she takes after Wendy)

  • being yelled at (she will go off and pout)


  • very talkative

  • getting stuck in small places (she spent her first 25 hours at our house shut in the filing cabinet, she spent another night in the top dresser drawer, and would have spent an unknown amount of time behind the stove had Sox not gotten really interested in looking under the stove)

Find the cat...I asked Kim to send me some pictures of Endora. Without seeing what we'd written about Endora getting stuck in small places, Kim sent us this picture of Endora sitting in the piano. We hope no one decides to close the lid.

Adoption Story: Wendy and her friend Charlie went to the pet store to buy some cat food. While there, Wendy decided to try to get another tortie for Craig to remind him of the long dead Beezer from his childhood. Alas, torties just really don’t get along well with other cats and deal with people on their own terms. Endora's terms for Craig were: stay away. Her terms for Wendy were only slightly better and only when the other cats weren’t around. Endora did, however, get along well with our friend Joe. Hmm…see “likes category”. Endora just wasn’t happy at our house. After moving to Michigan and acquiring about a million other cats, she’d had all she could stand. She beat up on Alex on a regular basis. This caused Alex to be too afraid to go to the basement to use the litter box. Instead, Alex hid in our bedroom and used our bed or any clean clothes as a litter box.

Endora had always gotten along with Wendy’s sister Kim. So, when Kim went away to college and had to leave Ariel, Wendy suggested that she adopt another tortie to take Ariel’s place. And of course, Wendy had just the cat! This cat trade worked out well. Endora bosses around Kim, and Kim’s friends, and Kim’s roommate’s cat Verde (who does exactly what he is told). Holidays are a bit tenuous at the Ankrom home, though, with the Ariel/Endora combination.

And a picture of Endora's only feline friend: Verde. He learned at a young age that if he did what Endora told him, they'd get along fine.