Isaac with the Comisar Mishpakah
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Isaac spent some time at the Kuhr family reunion. Isaac's Dad's Dad's mom was the oldest of the seven Kuhr children. Isaac got his Hebrew name from the oldest Kuhr son: Uncle Abe. Uncle Manny was gracious enough to put us up at the Hilton in Columbus so we wouldn't have to drive there and back in one day.

Isaac visits with Uncle Manny.

We ate breakfast with cousin Elaine, who regaled us with dirty Yiddish jokes.

Craig taking the family volleyball game waaay too seriously. The Comisar family sports drive did not come from the Kuhr side.

Isaac all tired out after the party.

Isaac, being the youngest family member present was quite popular. Here he is taking some time out from meeting people.

Isaac loves to swing--if Mom doesn't spoil the fun by keeping Dad from pushing him too high.

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