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Just in time for his three month birthday, Isaac reached several milestones. Wendy was relieved, since her AAP parenting guide listed these as critical milestones that if not reached were cause for serious concern. He took his time, but he got there.

1) Isaac laughs. Yes, really truly laughs! On Valentine's Day, Wendy was undressing him for his bath and gave him a flubber kiss (the technical term being zerbort) on his belly. This caused him to giggle then giggle again and again. The next time he laughed was while Wendy was putting his sweatshirt on at the baby sitter's. Normally this is cause for howling, but that day Isaac found the process terribly amusing. Rest assured, he has yet to find it funny again.

2) Isaac grabs toys then explores them with his mouth before dropping them. This is pediatric code for: he sucks on everything within mouth reach. He caused Grandma and Grandpa Ankrom great distress by repeatedly shoving his fist so far into his mouth that he gagged. He also greatly enjoys sucking on his play keys, burp cloths, rattles, the edge of his exersaucer (see below), zippers, sleeves, his fist, his fingers, his other fist, and the rest of his fingers.

Isaac also had his first cold this month. He is only just recovering. Mom and Dad also had it, and the kids at day care enjoyed it as well. We had to take him to the pediatrician twice: once because his eye was sprouting green goo and a second time because the eye drops from time one caused his eye to turn red and swell up. Make that three trips to the three and a half months, the cold had turned into a yucky cough. Isaac's friend Maisie came down with pneumonia, so Mom was just a little worried. Dr. Burrows gave him a clean bill of health, though, and registered Isaac's weight at 16 lbs. 15.2 ozs.


With such lazy boys, it is up to Mom to keep the house running...



Craig has season tickets to U of M hockey. Recently, friends Pyper and BJ (the parents of afore pictured Maisie) offered us an extra ticket to a U of M vs. OSU game so we could have a night out together. We got Isaac all dressed for the game: Michigan hat, Michigan sweatshirt, blue/yellow romper, and Michigan socks. Fortunately he looked so cute that they agreed to let him in without a ticket. Yes, a 3 month old in a baby carrier requires a ticket!!! Craig says it was a very exciting game. Wendy didn't notice. She sat with Pyper and talked about baby stuff the entire time. We learned that Isaac is an OSU fan. He was really happy until U of M started winning, then he cried the rest of the game. We also learned that whatever sweatshirt he chooses to wear, that team wins (see above, also see the sweatshirt he wore to the OSU/U of M football game, later in the week he wore his OSU sweatshirt and they won their basketball game).


On Pyper's advice, Wendy decided to try putting Isaac in our exersaucer. This is like a walker, but with no wheels. He really enjoys it: a) he gets to stand without exhausting Mom and Dad's arms and b) he has all sorts of suckable objects at approximately sucker level.

We couldn't decide which expression was cuter, so we put them both up.



Isaac has finally gotten the hang of tummy-time. For all of you non-parents out there or parents of older kids, tummy-time is the new required way to torture babies. According to Wendy's friend who went to a tummy-time lecture at the university, because babies are now put to sleep on their backs, they aren't developing certain muscles properly. These deficient children go from sitting to walking with no crawling in between. This has resulted in a huge number of kids requiring occupational therapy, and has repercussions for such diverse activities as reading! So, pediatricians developed a cute little slogan: "back to sleep, prone to play." When the pediatrician in the hospital asked Wendy if she'd heard about "back to sleep" (after our first night as parents), she excitedly thought it was a magic way to get babies to go to sleep. Alas, no. He was referring to the slogan, which, not being from Mars, we had of course heard.
So, we are encouraged to have our children play on their tummies. An entire industry has sprung up around this with tummy time mats, tummy time pillows, etc. We have had our best success with a tummy time caterpillar. Actually, it is a stuffed animal that Grandma Ankrom bought Isaac from Ten Thousand Villages (fair trade store). It is just the right size to put under his chest and encourage him to stay on his stomach for >30 seconds without crying. Yes, we said 30 seconds. Did we mention, most babies HATE tummy time. Eventually, if you are a good parent and torture your baby enough, he or she will maybe come to tolerate tummy time. With the caterpillar and a "keyboard" that flashes lights and plays music, we've managed to finally get Isaac to enjoy tummy time.

Orion wanted in on the tummy time action.

Wow, show this one to the pediatrician...Isaac is lifting his head and looking around. He even turned to watch Craig walk up the stairs!

This was the first smile we were able to capture on camera. The sweatshirt says "Michigan" in Hebrew.


Isaac, who loves to suck on his hands, hits the motherload of thumbs here.

The three of us took a walk down to our favorite Ypsilanti cafe in Depot Town (an area surrounding the old train depot that Ypsilanti is trying to revive). Here are Isaac and Mom posing after a very large ice cream sundae.

Here is Isaac with his Bubbe (Grandma Comisar). She has great hopes that he'll be a sports star like his three aunts--check out that track suit she brought him!

Mom had to catch this expression on "film". What could Isaac be thinking? By the way, he wasn't the only person in Ann Arbor that day wearing such a shirt. We passed a teenager with an identical OSU sweatshirt. What brave men!

The second smile we caught on film. Isn't he precious?



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