Baby Isaac home alone with his Dad
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Mom had a presentation on the weekend of the19th of June at Merck.  This meant Isaac was home alone with pops.  Even though it was only 3 days, we weren't sure if Isaac could handle it.  Dad set the bar for the experience high...Isaac had to survive.  Well I can say happily that we passed that benchmark, but it was a wild ride.

Isaac's 1st motherless dinner

Well dad is mystified how mom gets any of the food in Isaac's mouth.  Isaac doesn't seem to mind though.  By the way that brown stuff is pureed prunes made by mom.  (that made for exciting diaper time).

Isaac's 1st motherless breakfast

Well we met with somewhat greater success with solid food the next morning.  After a few spoonfuls Isaac decided he wanted to take a gander at the contents of the bowl... sorry boy, all that's in there is more gruel.


Isaac and dad hang out with the Ticas at Fernando's house

The next day Isaac and dad prepare to watch Brazil play Australia (World Cup Soccer for everyone who lives in the USA) at my officemate Fernando's apartment.  It was supposed to be Fernando, a few of his friends, myself and Isaac and the Costa Rican Au Pairs (Ticas for short).  All the ladies were really nice and fun to talk with and (duh) really good with kids.

Well the guys didn't show so it was Isaac's job to entertain all the girls.  Here he is, looking quite at home amongst the ladies.

Ah, if only dad could have ever been so popular with the babes.

By the way this reminds me of a party Wendy and I went to in Cincy with our old friend Joe Menkhaus who promised no less than 15 brazillian babes for his party.  If memory serves me I didn't see a single Brazilian that night...alas,  this picture's for you Joe.

Night Troubles without Mom

In case anyone didn't know Wendy breast feeds Isaac.  Since he sleeps in our bed (we know, we know, its a bad habit), people such as myself don't have a full appreciation of how often Isaac wants to feed in the middle of the night.  Well now I can say confidently he feeds at 11:45 pm, 2:00 am, and 5:00 am.  I had just gotten Isaac to bed at around midnight and left the room to get something to eat when I hear the door creak open.  In the Comisar house that means every cat immediately swarms the room of interest.

A recreation of the culprit opening Isaac's door.  Of course I couldn't remove all the felines before Isaac woke up and decided he was still very hungry and.....

UNHAPPY... thanks a lot Orion.

Isaacs first swim lesson

Isaac loves tubby time and his one time at the Holiday Inn pool.  He started Monday with his first swim lesson.  By swim lesson I mean he got in the pool and splashed around until he got cranky.  Isaac got pretty angry and had a 3 minute fit which finally got dad to give him an early reprieve from the lesson... after all he did look like the youngest student.

Poor frustrated little man after his swim lesson.


Kinsa says Hi...

During the Orion debacle Kinsa got curious with the camera... 

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