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(now Ariel Ankrom)

Born: probably late 1997

Adopted: Spring, 1999

Likes: having her fur brushed


  • cats

  • people

  • cats


  • excellent mouser

  • developing illnesses that require hospitalization--particularly constipation

Adoption Story: After Sox came to live with us, he started meowing forlornly. We thought he just missed his cat buddy from the Comisars' house, so we went to the SPCA to get him a friend. Craig had had a tortoise shell cat growing up so fell in love immediately with the tortie in the cage. This was good because there were only 3 cats to choose from (it must have been execution day or something). We named her Ariel and took her home. 

We knew it would take time for the cats to get used to each other, but we started to suspect there might be a serious personality conflict when our we found Sox sitting in the bathtub every day when we got home from work. No, he wasn’t sitting there just to keep cool (he loves cold, hard surfaces). He was crouched down peering over the edge like a soldier in a fox hole. He rapidly went from being very chill to really jumpy (something he never quite got over). 

Finally, the last straw happened when Ariel attacked him while he was pooping and scratched his cornea. One visit to the cat emergency room (yes, these exist and yes, they are as expensive as you would imagine) later, and Ariel was out of a happy home. Fortunately, Wendy’s mom was out of the country on business. Wendy’s dad and sister decided to use this opportunity to sneak a cat into the house. Their fatal error was to call Wendy and ask advice (she already had two cats, after all). Suckers! Wendy convinced them there was no other cat in the world for them but this sweet little tortie we’d bought at the pound who didn’t get along well with other cats. This was no problem, because Linda would never agree to a second cat (especially since she didn't know about the first one). 

Until Randy and Kim could get over to Cincinnati to pick her up, Ariel had to board at the Comisars’. They already had 4 cats, a bunny and an absolutely evil dog named Hans, so no one would notice Ariel. Well, actually Hans noticed Ariel. Eventually, Ariel got annoyed with the dog—this dog had bitten several people and had to be kept constantly on a choke chain—so, she chased him around the house hissing. Poor Hans ran for his life with his tail between his legs. 

Today, Ariel resides with Wendy’s parents. Linda absolutely adores her, and she absolutely adores Linda. Randy is okay sometimes if she is feeling really social. Ariel has mellowed in her old age and dislikes people and cats somewhat less. This is fortunate for us…read the Ophelia story.