Isaac with the Ankrom Mishpakah
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Isaac has spent a lot of time in Columbus with his Ankrom family this summer. Some of the photos are ones we received recently from Grandma Ankrom taken at the first Columbus visit (Aunt Kim's graduation). Some are of his most recent visit to celebrate his Nanee's 80th birthday.
Aunt Kim's College Graduation

Sister's? Do you think one of us was mixed up at birth? Kim's actually not that much taller--she must have been wearing tall shoes.

Isaac sporting his 4T Ohio State shirt. Aunt Kim and Uncle Troy wanted to make sure it would fit him all summer.



OSU boasts that they graduate all of their students in one ceremony. Considering they are the second largest University in the country and this was their largest ever graduating class, Isaac and Wendy consider this to be somewhere between foolishness and diabolicalness. The graduation took place in the football stadium--which was packed. We saw Kim get her diploma through a set of binoculars after waiting for about 5 hours. Isaac looks a little bored. Can you blame him? And since Aunt Kim is starting vet school at OSU in the fall, we get to do it all again in four years!
Nanee's 80th Birthday

Isaac got all dressed up in his new sailor suit from Oma Susanne. Grandma Ankrom stuffed Isaac with cake and icing (the fuzzy pixels around his mouth are crumbs). This Wendy found amusing, since her first taste of sugar was a four year old candy cane pulled from the Christmas tree at age 22 months.


We celebrated at the Confluence restaurant in Columbus.

Aunt Kim's Summer Job

Wendy offered to loan Kim her breast pump so she could better relate to the cows.

Isaac says, "My milk tank isn't nearly that big!"

Mom says, "I'd hate to be the one to have to fill that thing!"

Isaac meets one of the calves while sporting his new OSU cap.


Aunt Kim giving us a tour of the milking parlor. Check-out the muscle shirt from Isaac's Bubbe.




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