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aka: Fluff, Moof, Fluff Muffin, Alex, Xan, Xandria

(now Alex Erb)

Doing things like this is what earned Alex the name "Moof" derived from the less silly "Fluff Muffin".

Born: April 20, 2000

Adopted: August 2000

Likes: Being petted, kitty toys, peace and quiet, before she was spayed she fell in love with our friend Joe—after being spayed she lost interest in him


  • being petted on her back and tail

  • kids

  • noise

  • Endora


  • hiding, and well, not really any others, but she is really nice and meows a lot (especially if you pet her tail).

Adoption story: We went to the pet store to buy some fish food. Alex looked so lonely there in the wire cage with the wire mesh bottom that we had to take her. Alex was always a little nervous about new situations. She spent most of her time hanging out in our bedroom in Cincinnati. She was always the first to jump up in bed with us. If you didn’t pet her enough, she’d find your hand and work her head under it. If you still failed to pet her, she didn’t hesitate to use her teeth. Sadly, Alex just never got used to our house in Michigan. It was too big. There were too many other cats. The litter box was sooo far away (and a box of pots and pans fell on her the first day she tried to use the litter box here).

When we got back from Israel last summer, we heard that a new neighbor had moved in. And, we heard she wanted to get a cat. Wendy marched over to Cynthia’s house and introduced herself. “I have the cat for you!” (This meant Maliouba who was being beat up by Ophelia at the time.) By that evening it was clear Maliouba was NOT the cat for Cynthia. In fact, Maliouba wouldn’t let Cynthia go near her. Never deterred, Wendy walked back over to Cynthia’s and offered her a choice between Alex and Kinsa. Cynthia chose Alex. They are a perfect match. Both are a little timid, really sweet and have a lot of hair! Today we get to see Alex from time to time when Cynthia goes out of town.